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Close-up John and Jesus from a cross carved in Kenya especially for the Brothers of the Beloved Disciple.


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Brothers Beloved Disciple are not responsible for content of web sites other than our own, but we support the Center for Charismatic Catholic Renewal and other organizations linked to this site.

Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal (CCCR)

Located at: 1707 South Flores Street, San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone 210-226-7545
Fax: 210-212-9330
Publishes a monthly newsletter, sponsors retreats and training workshops, Archdiocesan Healing Ministry teams, youth minister, and bookstore.
Supported by contributions.

St. Mary Magdalen Parish

1710 Clower St., San Antonio, TX 78201
Fr. Joseph Mary Marshall, rector

St Mary Magdalen A.C.T.S.

CTSA Catholic TV in San Antonio

Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio

Catechism of the Catholic Church

MASS readings from the New American Bible

The Vatican in Rome

US National Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Catholic Encyclopedia



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