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Behold Your Mother
Newsletter of the Brothers of the Beloved Disciple

Number 42: Christmas 2008
Moderator: Fr. George T. Montague, S.M.
Assistant Moderator: Fr. Robert Hogan, B.B.D.
Rev. Joseph Mary Marshall, S.M. (Pastor) Rev. Will Combs, B.B.D., (Parochial Vicar)
1701 Alametos, San Antonio, TX 78201
(210) 734-6727
Episcopal Advisor: Most Rev. Thomas J. Flanagan, D.D.

The Crèche and the Crash


Chuey, the ten-year old Mexican boy who lived with his family of workers on our ranch, had a great devotion to my mother. His English was halting but his pace was not as he crossed the mile of baking summer pasture bearing the only gift he could find, a banana. Heedless of the heat and of the effect of his warm, sweating hand upon the banana, he arrived at the ranch house to present to his señora this precious token of his devotion, a handful of mush and skin twice as dark as his own.

“Un regalo,” he said with sparkling eyes. A gift.
My mother smiled. “Gracias, mi hijo,” she said with an enthusiasm unfeigned, as if she had received a diamond ring. She didn’t see brown mush. She saw Chuey. She saw love.

I think of this story with the approach of Christmas in a year weary with war and with our pockets clinging to a little change. As adults used to giving at this time of year, we may feel all we have is a mushy banana. Well, maybe there is a lesson in this. King that he


was, Jesus didn’t sleep on a king-size bed but on a cot of straw. What he brought was himself. He just showed up—and that, to quote Ogden Nash, is what 95 percent of life is—just showing up. We show up at weddings. We show up at wakes. We show up. And that’s worth more than gifts of gold. To be present is to be a present—of love. So what if the gas tank is vacuuming the green from our wallets and shrinking our gift lists? We show up. That’s what people did after nine-eleven. As I saw students filing into the memorial Mass that day, I wanted to hug them all. I needed them. They showed up for the ones who couldn’t because they were no more.

Today when we feel the load of a six-year war and the crash of our earnings, we celebrate the one event that helps us make sense of it all. Turn from the crash. Look at the crèche. Rejoice. In the midst of our mess, God has showed up. - Father George

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Another Book by Fr. George

Fr. George and book
Fr. George with his book, "First and Second Timothy, Titus"

In October Baker Academic released two inaugural volumes of its Catholic Commentary and Sacred Scripture. Father George’s 274 page book on Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus, along with a Commentary on Mark by Mary Healy, were the first volumes. The series is unique in that, besides an easy-to-read explanation of the text, the author provides cross references not only to the Old and New Testament but also to the liturgy and the Catechism, along with sidebars giving helpful biblical background information and “Living Tradition” sidebars from the Fathers of the Church and Church documents. Available at your local Catholic bookstore,—or an autographed copy from Father George for $19.99, shipping included.

Contact information:
George T. Montague, S.M.
1701 Alametos San Antonio, TX 78201-3500
Phone 210-734-6727 FAX 210-738-0698


St. Raymond
Jim St. Raymond in front of San Fernando Cathedral

Jim St. Raymond Visits to Discern

From New Orleans, Jim St. Raymond visited us for ten days in October. He is interested in a charismatic community and plans to keep in contact with us. Please remember him in your prayers. (He hadn’t been to San Antonio before, so you see him here in front of San Fernando Cathedral.)

Marbles or Grapes?
Planning for the Parish Mission

Fr. Will - Marbles or Grapes
Fr. Will with marbles and grapes

Fr. Will explains that the parish is not a bag of marbles but a cluster of grapes, part of parish planning for its mission.


Committment to Formation Program

Sealana Commits
Dan Sealana with Fr. George

Dan Sealana, who joined us for discernment in August, makes his commitment to the formation program September 17.


BBD Participate in “Transform San Antonio” Ecumenical Outreach

Prayers at Transform SA
Catholics and other Christians pray together for San Antonio

On October 4, the Brothers of the Beloved Disciple joined the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal and the ecumenical “Transform San Antonio” for a day of prayer and witness of Christian unity as a first step toward a spiritual transformation of the city of San Antonio. Father Bob Hogan, BBD, was one of the speakers, as was Charles Whitehead from England, former head of the International Conference for Charismatic Renewal in Rome, and Protestant speakers. Shown in the photo are Catholics and other Christians together praying for the city.


Forty Days for Life
Prayers Save Babies

Praying for Babies
Bishop Yanta leads prayers for Life

The Brothers of the Beloved Disciple participated in the 40 Days for Life September 25-November 2, which involved praying before the nearby Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic around the clock for 40 days. The movement, begun at A&M University, has spread to 179 cities in the United States and it accounted for saving over 500 babies this year. Photo shows ecumenical gathering to kick-off the 40 days, addressed by a local pastor and Bishop John Yanta (foreground), retired bishop of Amarillo.


One Thousand Youths Process to
Bring Jesus to the Streets

Youth for Jesus
One Thousand Youths take Jesus to the Street

Accompanied by Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD, and the Knights of Columbus with the Blessed Sacrament, over 1,000 youths of San Antonio processed from the Charismatic Center to San Fernando Cathedral for a Mass celebrated by Bishop Tom Flanagan September 28. The event was organized by the Youth Ministry of the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal, of which Fr. Bob is the associate director.


Excellence in Education Award

Fr. Geo Excellence Award
Fr. George receive an Excellence in Education award.

Father George received an excellence in education award presented by the Constance Allen Heritage for Lifetime Learning on October 25. Fr. George at age 79 continues teaching at St. Mary’s University, while directing the Brothers of the Beloved Disciple.


At Table

Sharing our Table

Our Community and guests from left to right: Dan Sealana, Associate in formation; Jim St. Raymond during week of discernment; Fr. Bob;, Kirk Vandeventer, spending a month discerning; Fr. Joseph Mary; and Fr. Will. (Fr. George is not in the picture as he is the photographer.)

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For more information contact:
George T. Montague, S.M.
1701 Alametos San Antonio, TX 78201-3500
Phone 210-734-6727  FAX (210) 738-0698